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A former model whose time in front of the camera was spent realising that aspirations for his future lay behind it and an entrepreneur at heart who turned his passion into his profession.

Graduate in business and literature with a keen interest in technology and a natural flair for commerce, combined with working together with industry leaders stood J D on firm ground but it his love of life, enthusiasm for adventure and passion for travel that provided the foundation upon which to build and from which platform the first steps into the unknown were placed, launching the journey for Picture This Picture That.

Having achieved initial success for his commercial work he rapidly became established as a creative tour de force for his photography centred around the natural world, specialising in subjects derived from travel, mainly in the genres of architecture and landscape.

His talents led to the publication of his first book, Through The Viewfinder which was released on 01 December 2009.

Inspirational travel photography of the world’s most desirable destinations by award winning photographer and author J D Wells

In 2010 his first major exhibition was held at the Urbis Centre in Manchester, UK which saw over 1,000 visitors during the week of opening.

Travel and continual rejuvenation of an ever-expanding portfolio are contributory factors in helping to create his second book, Inspirational Moments which was released on 01 December 2011.

Inspirational travel photography of the world’s most desirable destinations by award winning photographer and author J D Wells

In 2013 his exhibition in Valencia, originally scheduled for the duration of one week where hopeful expectations of attracting 3,000 visitors were exceeded when over 3,000 viewers turned out during the opening weekend. The exhibition continued throughout the summer.

2014 saw the introduction of Cities, J D’s first media presentation which highlights a collection of the world’s most desirable destinations. Viewed in conjunction with his online presence and totally unassisted by the networking of social media, Picture This Picture That received over a million internet searches before the end of the year.

In 2015 J D was elected on merit by Who’s Who and awarded the honourable accolade to represent the United Kingdom as an accomplished individual and distinguished professional.

Prior to the close of 2016 the photographer had travelled over a million miles by flying in his quest for the perfect picture.

Dedicating 2017 on further development of his portfolio J D concentrated his attention to the middle and far east, focusing on Arabia and China during which period while attending the Festival of Light photography competition he was invited to be the privileged guest to photograph a portrait of the Crown Prince, President of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

His work is used in advertising campaigns and for the front cover of several well regarded publications.

Donations of his work to charitable organisations have helped to provide financial aid for children in plight and to raise awareness of the human impact upon the environment so as to help preserve and restore natural ecosystems.

Meticulous observation of lighting and composition are qualities that have defined his style and resulted in photographs characterised by exceptional sharpness, depth, dynamic range, colour and tone.

Inspired by life is the ethos by which J D Wells remains committed to achieving the highest standards possible in the art of photography.

J D Wells

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